Scale your business effortlessy online.

By joining The Content Academy

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • With so many different social media platforms, blog, podcasts & YouTube you feel lost and don't know what you should be doing?
  • You're super confused with all the terminology, SEO, Hashtags, PNG... It's like a foreign language (Que paso?)
  • Your tumbleweed social media posts are getting you down. You feel like your audience & business is never going to grow.
  • The tools & tech side of creating content is mindblowing. You don't know where to start.
  • You hate posting at 4pm on a Friday 'just for the sake of getting something out', but have no idea how to be more strategic about it.
  • You can't afford to hire an agency, but lack the skills & knowhow to create engaging content.


You're in the right place!

With The Content Academy, you will learn the ‘simple to scale’ way to grow your business.

Make today the day you take control of your CONTENT...

It’s not enough to just have an online presence, you need to post with passion & purpose to ensure your success. By following my Plan. Post. Profit. roadmap you’ll get a clear direction on how to implement a winning content strategy for your business


Having your content sell for you on auto pilot

I'll teach you all the tips and tricks, so that your supercharged content acts as your own personal sales army... Working for you even while you sleep!

Streamlining your whole content process

With my coveted content creating formula, planning, preparing & posting will become an absolute doddle. You'll wonder what all the fuss was about!

Driving your target audience to your sales pages

Just imagine finally having your hard earned sales pages seen by your ideal customer... No more tumbleweed Janet!

Overcoming the tech hurdles

Wave bye bye to those deep rooted fears that saw you running for the hills when someone said 'pixel'.

Show up consistently & confidently

By posting the right content on the right platform & to the right people, you'll stop seeing those lack luster results and start seeing traffic that ACTUALLY converts! There's no better confidence boost than that!

You know how powerful content can be for your business. But you have a few questions...

"Where do I start... It all looks so complicated?"
"I'm a tech novice... Will I ever be able to create eye catching content?"
"I'm already on all the social media platforms, but getting no results. Where am I going wrong?"
It's not just about having a presence anymore.

Posting content alone isn't going to grow your business. You need to be strategic & intentional. Do less and sell more, because you know the difference between what works & what doesn't.

Without the right guidance & support, you could be going round and round the content hamster wheel.

That’s why I created my monthly membership community…

The Content Academy Dashboard

The Content Academy

The Content Academy is a content one stop shop. And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning & creating content that will help you attract your ideal audience online. PLUS the community support to ensure you get the help you need to implement what you learn in your business.

Plan. Post. Profit. Roadmap

Start on your journey by learning how to plan, manage and organise your content process with Plan.Post.Profit. Giving you the best start on your content journey.


Every month you'll get access to a new 60-90 minute mastermind by myself or a guest experts on a new topic, to help you develop your skills.

Trainings & challenges

Each month you'll get a new 'over my shoulder' training with challenges, so that you can sharpen your content creation ability.

Quick Wins

Looking for a quick solution? Every month I'll be adding to the library of 'quick wins'. Everything from adding a FB pixel, to remove image backgrounds.

Private Facebook Community

You'll be part of our intimate closed Facebook group where you can get implementation support.

Group Coaching Q&A

I'll be going LIVE in the Facebook group every month to answer your questions.

Join the waitlist

Be the first to hear when the doors open! By registering for the waitlist!


A peek behind the curtain...

The Content Academy is currently open to founding members. By joining now, your early participation will lock in your founding member subscription for life, as resources to aid you in content planning & creation continue to grow.


The academy will kick start 1st July where for 4 weeks I’ll be LIVE teaching my flagship programme ‘Plan, Post. Profit’.

Upcoming topics for masterclasses & challenges include:

  • Selling through Stories
  • How to start a podcast
  • SEO for beginners
  • How to master professional video

PLUS new topics EVERY month!

What they say...

Don’t take my word for it… Here’s what people have to say about me…

Access to Expertise

With over 15 years in the marketing industry, I've a proven track record that will help you scale and soar through your content, just like them.

Easy to Implement

There's no overhyped fluff here. Just straight to the chase, proven content marketing advice, that will get results.

Look Over My Shoulder

With masterclasses & turorials, I will show you how I plan and create my own content. Everything you learn has been tried and tested.

What you get inside The Content Academy?

You’ll get access to my Plan. Post. Profit. guided roadmap inside the academy, to make sure you get started on the right foot before you graduate onto growing your audience, business & your creation skills.

PHASE 1 – Get clear on your content purpose and you ideal customer.

  • Get crystal clear on your goals. Setting out your objectives for the next 90 days.
  • Know who you’re creating content for and the right social media platforms for your business.
  • Discover your ideal content type, that you enjoy creating AND your audience love to engage with.
  • Develop your key marketing messages that will attract your ideal customer on repeat.

PHASE 2 – Once you’ve worked on the foundationa principals for your content, you’ll learn where to find content in your business. Know where content opportunities exist and how to set up a content creation workflow so you can stay on track.

  • Know where to identify content opportunities in your business.
  • How to make sure your content strategy covers the entire buying journey (my signature DNA method)
  • Create a content creation workflow covering all the steps involved.
  • Learn how to break bigger pieces of content down into smaller social media posts.

PHASE 3 – Bring your content workflow to life and learn the strategies to keep on track of your content creation process.

  • Set up your content calendar on Trello.
  • Set up checklists to manage your content creation workflow.
  • Create a goal board & broken this down into content actions.

PHASE 4 – Learn how to measure results, so you can hone in on your content success.

  • Pick the right scheduler for the social media platforms you’re on.
  • Streamline your content creation process further.
  • Get clear on how to measure the effectiveness of your content, including identifying your content strong points.

PHASE 5 – With your well oiled content machine in place, it’s now time to work on building your audience AND your business.

  • Develop your content creation skills to enable you create professional content that WOWS.
  • Add another platform to your content workflow.
  • When & how to outsource part of your content workflow.

It will help you to...

Attract your audience

With clarity on your messaging & how to attract your ideal customer. You'll start to have people approaching you, wanting to buy your products & services (not the other way round!)

Reach your full content potential

Ditch the tech hurdles, finally get to grips with technical side of creating all types of content. Saving you hours of frustration!

Plan like a boss

You'll become so organised with your content, that you'll have way more time and way less stress.

Eliminate the guess work

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. You'll be given a guided roadmap on how to turn your content ship around, so that you're on your way to creating content that converts.

The content Academy Membership


Hi, I'm Pamela

Having worked for over 15 years in the marketing industry, from client side to agency side… Corporate giants to start-ups. I finally decided to set up my own marketing agency. After 3 years, I took the leap to scale & expand my reach to help even more business owners achieve their dreams.

I have worked with brands on their online content such as Asda, Volkswagen, Parkdean, Johanna Basford… the list goes on!

Now I help entrepreneurs & small business owners, just like you, scale their businesses effortlessy online, and so the The Content Academy was created. A place where like minded business owners, coaches & entrepreneurs can learn how to create content that really delivers results.

Who is The Content Academy for?

Getting you on the right track and taking the pain out of scaling your business online.


You want to scale those sales...

There's only 1 of you, so if you're going to scale your business you need to automate your sales process as much as possible. With your online content you can be attracting your audience, nurturing them through the buying process and directing them to take action and buy. This can all be happening whilst you're doing the school run or fast asleep!

You want to hit those big business goals...

You didn't set up in business to work 24/7... You want your time & freedom back. The Content Academy will show you how to effortlessy plan & post your content for the quarter ahead. Even Marie Kondo will take her hat off to you.

Business owners, solopreneurs, coaches...

Whatever business you're in, this membership will help you achieve actual results from your content, so you can step off the content hamster wheel and become more intentional with your content. And get that success, & financial freedom you crave.


You "don't have the time"...

This membership will arm you will all the know how PLUS I'll even help you implement what you learn through the FB Group, but you have to put the work in to see results.


In a word, YES! What better way to get started in your content journey that on the right foot!

TCA is for entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes and founding date. I will help you devise a content strategy that is right for you now matter how young or old.

You only have access to the members area & FB Group for as long as you are a paying member.

I like to make sure you’re given the special attention you deserve when you join TCA. That’s why enrollment closes, to allow me to give members the best support.

The ‘founding member launch’ will be taught LIVE each week… The modules will drop weekly in the school area for 6 weeks, starting 6th April.

Quite a bit! You’ll have regular access to me inside the FB Group, as well as opportunities to join member only workshops, hosted by me.


Where do you want your business to be in 6 months time?

You can keep sticking your head in the sand, hoping that your ideal customer will notice you…


You can join The Content Academy and learn the skills to grow & scale your business whilst you sleep… There has never been a better time to grow your business.

Can't wait to see you inside...

Content creation, made simple.

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